Samsung Galaxy S4 Mega rumors, price, news, specs, and features

Samsung has been at the forefront when it comes to experimenting with different screen sizes for its devices. Samsung has so far unveiled a total of five handsets based on its S4 high-ender.

With the Mega series, Samsung appears to be taking a step further by bringing a near-tablet sized display to a phone, but giving the device a more phone-like feel.

Style-wise, the Mega looks like an S4 seen through a zoom lens, with its slim, plastic-backed casing and hard home button flanked by touch sensitive back and menu buttons beneath the screen.

At 6.3 inches the screen is an inch bigger than the S4’s and a full two inches bigger than the S4 Mini’s, but unlike either of those, it’s not Amoled, its Super Clear LCD.

The Mega has the same 1.7GHz processor backed by 1.5GB RAM as the S4 Mini. The Mega is running the very latest 4.2.2 Jelly Bean version of Android, so it feels bang up to date.

It also has Samsung’s TouchWiz interface, Samsung’s own UI that includes custom apps in addition to a skinned interface. The Samsung Galaxy Mega is powered by a 1.4GHz dual-core Broadcom processor. It has 1.5GB RAM, and a Broadcom VideoCore IV chip for processing graphics.

Size is the boon and the curse of the Mega. A user can forget about using this handset one-handed unless he has a hyper-extended thumb.

Samsung has also gone for a standard camera which performs well, but does not push the envelope in terms of quality or range.

The eight megapixel camera takes a decent picture when the light is good, but as the light levels drop it does not take long for significant levels of noise to come in to the picture. The Samsung Mega is up for sale at around £500.