Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Lite rumored release date and specs

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

For a long time now Samsung has been leading the phablet market with its ever expanding line of devices, and it is reported that Samsung is working on a new device and it is predicted that the top spot for the next year is probably going to Samsung again.

After the Galaxy Note 3’s success, Samsung is working on the Galaxy Note 3 Lite, which is believed to be revealed at MWC next year.

Though there is not much information available about the upcoming device, Sammobile somehow has a brief idea of what will the device offer and what it will not.

It is reported that the Galaxy Note 3 Lite will reportedly be available in a black and a white color variant and will sport a screen of either 5.49 or 5.7 inch.

Even though it sports a look and feel similar to the Galaxy Note 3 with a large body and curved edges, however, as the name suggests, it will be less powerful and reasonably cheaper than its sibling.

Being cheaper and less powerful that the powerful Note 3, it is expected that the Note 3 Lite will have a LCD screen and an 8 megapixel camera.

It can be expected that it will come with the Android KitKat 4.4 OS with Samsung’s added functionalities with it. It will most likely follow the traditional storage patterns of Samsung.

It is expected that the Note 3 Lite will make an appearance at the MWC in the starting of the next year and soon after than it will be released worldwide around February end or March 2014.