Samsung Galaxy Gear 2, Samsung Galaxy Band, LG G Arch, and LG G Health will come to MWC 2014 – Rumors and News

Samsung Galaxy Gear

Earlier this year, Samsung had launched its Galaxy Gear smartwatch but unfortunately it received very harsh criticism and couldn’t do much in the market.

However, it is quite likely that Samsung may unveil an improved successor to the Galaxy Gear early next year at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) being held in Barcelona.

This has been reported by ‘The Korea Herald’ which states that it got this information from an inside source. The source also claims that Samsung may also introduce a new health and fitness oriented Galaxy Band at the MWC.

It is reported that the Galaxy Gear 2 is still being developed by Samsung and will allegedly sport a flexible OLED display.

It is still unclear that whether or not Samsung will be able to complete the Galaxy Gear 2 by the time of the MWC, though it is claimed by the Korean paper that there is a very high probability. Meanwhile, the Galaxy Band will be a device that will monitor the wearer’s blood pressure and pulse.

The paper also claims that recently leaked LG’s G Arch and G Health, which are LG’s smartwatch and fitness band devices, could also be unveiled by LG at the same time.

However, all these claims are only supported by Lee Seung-woo who is an IBK analyst. Both the South Korean tech giants and competitors have pointed out that new devices will be soon unveiled, and it is possible that both the companies would officially announce their products as MWC approaches.

In either case, 2014 is going to be a big year with respect to smartwatches, albeit most smartwatches released in 2013 could not make a strong impact.