Sammy Yatim’s shooting investigation


Sammy Yatim, 18, a teen from Toronto was shot and killed by police last weekend while wielding a pocketknife while on board an empty streetcar. The normal night was shattered by a piercing scream, say the witnesses who were on the streetcar before Sammy Yatim was shot.

Six years veteran constable, James Forcillo, is believed to be involved in the shooting. Ontario’s Special Investigation Unit has not yet decided whether or not to press charges against him.

Toronto police chief and Ontario ombudsman will look into the matter again and will then decide whether the action taken was proper or not. It is yet to be decided whether the matter is criminal or not, says SIU.

A total of eight investigators have been assigned by the SIU to look into the incident. Forcillo is currently suspended from the duty.

The video footage featuring this incident has become viral on the Internet. It is being played and replayed again and again. A protest march was organized on Monday evening. Yatim’s mother and sister also participated in the protest march along with hundreds of Torontonians.

A Facebook page – ‘Sammy’s fight back for justice’, has been created by Sammy’s sister, hoping that the injustice his brother faced shall not be repeated. Sammy’s father inquired why a Taser was not used before firing nine rounds.

The video featuring Yatim’s death showed that he had collapsed after three shots were fired. SUI, however, says that Taser was also used during the incident.