Rumors and Gossip: Vine star Terio is a 45 years old man?


Over the past couple of weeks, Terio has been seen charming Vine videos and showing his impressive dance moves and generally displaying inhuman level of swag.

A few days back, a website published an article that claimed that Vine video star Terio is 45 years old and he suffers from a condition called dwarfism. Earlier in August, he was thought to be an average 6-year-old whose amazing dance moves had captured him to viral fame on Vine.

Since August, Terio has met some of the rap world’s biggest names, posed for photos with beautiful women and was seen in the most unexpected locations.

He has been on CBS Sports. Now the things are changed and according to a local newspaper, he was exposed and he was simply a grown man with a disability. But the things came to a head on Sunday Night when the Georgia based Terio was seen at Miami Heat game and hobnobbed with two of the NBA’s biggest starts.

According to Mildred, his child-like appearance and behaviors is a result of uncommon disease that he suffers from and this is also the reason that he has remained less than 4 feet tall since the age of 6.

“I told him to stop picking at his damn uncle! He did not listen and it all just kinda got outta hand” speaking on her son who is responsible for uploading the videos of Terio dancing who she says took advantage of her special needs brother.