Rockwell International Turbo Commander 690B crash investigation


Rockwell International Turbo Commander 690B, a multiengine turbo prop aircraft which was approaching from Teeterboro Airport, to New Haven Airport got crashed morning at 11.25 am.

On Friday, a small plane crashed near an airport in a working class neighborhood. It killed six people according to the source.

As the Multi-engine Plane was about to land in Tweed New Haven Airport, it hits the small homes which were near to the airport.

Robert Gretz who is the National Transportation safety board investigator said that authorities are looking for the victims at the scene.

One pilot and two children that are of age 1 and 13 are missing after the crash. According to some source, Pilot didn’t make the distress call before crash happened. Now there is heavy structural damage to home because of the fire within 30 minutes after the crash.

East Haven Fire Chief, Doug Jackson told that crash happened because plane was full of fuel hence expands the fire also complicates the rescue efforts. John Destefano Jr., who the mayor is of new Haven was present at the scene showed the condolences to the families and the neighborhood for the loss.

Rockwell International Turbo commander 690B hit the houses at 60 degree angle and was upside down. Mayor Joseph said that houses are still unstable as the search is going on.

According to the neighbor, David, He heard the loud noise and then he heard woman was screaming because her children were missing. But he took the women out of the house because fire flames were on the peak.