Reality Steve and The Bachelorette


The part one of The Bachelorette 2013 finale that aired on Monday showed an epic heartbreak where Brooks Forester broke Antigua’s heart by confessing that he is not in love with her.

The episode has left fans confused. To this confusion, Reality Steve is singing the tune of staying with him. Clarifying the doubts of the viewers he says that Brook and Des will surely end up together.

The spoilers that aired on PEOPLE, however, tell a different story where Des says it would be difficult for her to love either of them, referring to Chris and Drew. It seems that Chris and Drew need to pack their bags.

What if she picks one of them, since to her, all three of them have the qualities of becoming her future husband? Anything weird can be expected from the show.

But looking at the recap of Bachelorette finale, things aren’t what they seem to be. The much hyped promos showing Des sad in a beautiful dress has left viewers with no conclusions.

To this Steve says the promos would have said a different story if Brooks was gone for sure. Steve also threw light on the feelings of Brook while breaking up. He said it was also hard for Brook to break up with Des. So it can be hoped that Brook realize that his ways are wrong and can return to the show.

The promos on ABC show Chris asking Des where they should go. To which Des replied she just wants to go home. To know what exactly will happen, tune for the grand finale on August 5.