QuakeCon 2013 review


QuakeCon is a competitive computer gaming event, which is held every year in Dallas, Texas. QuakeCon recently held its 18th annual gaming convention in Dallas, Texas from August 1 to August 4.

The Quake Con also known as the “The Woodstock of Gaming” is an event where thousands of hardcore PC gamers celebrate their passion for gaming.

This LAN party is free of cost. The event continues for four days. Id Software sponsors the event along with some other leading technology companies. The winners are given various cash prizes including titular Quake.

QuakeCon, however, is not just a world full of gaming. Many interesting things happened during this recent event. Quake con turned into “Quake con of love”. According to a source there were three marriage proposals.

The Elder Scrolls Online, Wolfenstein: The New Order, The Evil Within are some of the future games show cased by Quake con.

Two American gamers viz SK’s Rapha and Evil Geniuses’ DaHanG showed extraordinary mind game and skills. They played a best of three on three different maps in the finals of the winners’ bracket.

However the most awaited game during this QuakeCon was “Doom 4” which is still trapped in its developmental stages and hence was not included in this year’s Quake con event. When Tim Willits, creative director of Id software, was asked whether this was the last Quake con convention where Doom 4 was not addressed he cleverly changed the mood of the question and said it was rather a funny question that he won’t answer.