PS4 vs Xbox One Voice Commands

Unlike the Xbox One that controls everything from turning on the console to searching the online store the PlayStation 4 will feature extremely limited voice command capabilities.

The Xbox One’s Kinect sensor uses voice commands for practically everything, from turning the console on to selecting a TV channel and that extends to third-party apps like Netflix and Hulu Plus.

Sony recently held an event in New York at which the PS4’s voice command capabilities – or lack thereof – came to light. The PS4 has some interesting features, but it doesn’t have voice and gesture commands. PlayStation 4 is the console from Sony Computer Entertainment. It is successor to PlayStation 3.

The PlayStation 4 is able to recognize user’s faces and automatically log them into the correct account using a separately purchased PlayStation camera, PS4 users can vocally tell the console to start a game or turn off.

Facial recognition will also be available for the PS4 Camera which means that users can log in to their PS4 just with the use of their facial features after setting up the face recognition program.

Certain other PS Camera functions, including the ability for players to narrate gameplay footage streaming to Twitch or UStream or tell the console to take a screenshot, were also said to available in the PS4.

PlayStation camera includes two 1280×800px lenses operating with an aperture of f/2.0, with 30 cm focusing distance, and an 85 field of view. The Xbox One has integrated the Kinect into the system of gaming, but perhaps Sony is still trying out the ropes with the PS4 Camera.