PS4 vs Xbox One – The Controller

PS4 and Xbox One both retain great qualities and come with new features and have been marked as fit for the next generation of gaming.

The Xbox controller is a sleeker version of the Xbox 360 controller with some changes made to buttons. The PS4 controller also looks more extensive and outclasses the PS3’s in many ways.

The biggest change in the Xbox controller is the bulky battery pack and this time two AA batteries are comfortably placed within the body of the pad which gives the controller a single, smooth curve.

Also the Xbox Guide Button has been replaced by the Xbox button which glows white when the controller is connected to the console.

Now the Xbox button navigates directly to the Dashboard when pressed. The Menu button has replaced the old Start button and works like a right click or a long tap on a PC.

The View button has replaced the Back button and is designed to be customized by developers. On the other hand PS4 Controller dualshock 4 eliminates or improves all the things that were wrong with the dualshock 3.

The thumb sticks are concave and the triggers are no longer rounded and hard to grip. The dualshock controller has become one of the favorite controller designs to date.

The best part in the latest PS4 controller is that the battery is not included and is charged by an USB port. The DualShock 4 controller features a touchpad directly at upper center.

Both PS4 and Xbox One were launched earlier this year and have been sold out. Both the controllers are equally good in their own ways and come with unique features.