PS4 vs Xbox One: Improvement on visuals and Netflix access


Before one gets down to scrutinize the latest variants of the PlayStation and the Microsoft family, the respective PS4 and Xbox One.

One needs to appreciate the improvements that have been made on these two contenders for the best gaming console title.

Firstly both consoles have come equipped with better visuals as compared to the previous generation of consoles and besides, they also can both access online content like Netflix and Hulu Plus. And they both have built-in Blu-ray/DVD players for playing movies. But there’s a lot that sets the two consoles apart.

The Xbox One can as an edge over its PS4 rival as it can connect to your cable box so that the user can easily control all the content on your TV through the gaming system. And the voice command feature lets you change find channels just by talking.

On the flipside, the PlayStation 4 makes it super-easy to share screen grabs and video clips of game play with friends and on social networks. And with the PlayStation 4 you can live stream the particular game so that other people can watch and even comment.

The general consensus is that PS4 is an out and out gaming monster whereas the Xbox One has a lot of entertainment options, so if that’s what you’re looking for, then that will be worth the extra money. But if you’re strictly focused on gaming, then save yourself $100 and go with the PlayStation4.

On top of all this, to take advantage of all the Xbox One has to offer, you’ll have to pay $60 a year for Xbox Gold, which lets you access the Internet for apps and content as well as online gaming.