PS4 sales up to 60 percent on eBay


Eager gamers snapped up more than 1 million of Sony’s new PS4 consoles in the first 24 hours of the product’s launch, an impressive sales display. Pre-order rights for the console is selling on eBay for up to 60 percent more than their suggested retail prices ($399).

Browsing through the eBay listings for PlayStation 4 consoles, prices seem to go from $600 all the way into the thousands of dollars, depending how confident the seller is. Most of the bids seem to be placed on consoles around $590, so at least we know that there are folks out there willing to pay a $200 premium on the PlayStation 4.

PS4 units are readily available on eBay, with more than 12,000 listings on the site. The average selling price, however, is $590, well above the $399 price tag.

An eBay representative told that more than 13,000 PS4 units were sold on eBay in the four days following launch, while more than 20,000 systems have been sold through the site since November 1.

An average of 2.3 PS4s are sold every minute, ebay said. More than 15,000 PS4 units have been sold on eBay since the beginning of the month.

EBay spokesman, said in a statement that “Gamers hunting for the PS4 are flocking to eBay, currently thousands of units are available on the online store, to buy the newest console and one of the holidays most sought after products.”

There have been rumors that various stores will be selling PS4 to the customers on their Thanksgiving and Black Friday 2013 sales.