PS4 News and Review: PS4 Stock Tracker


Finally the much awaited PlayStation 4 has been released by electronics giant Sony and the company has claimed that over a millions unit have been sold on the first day of sales of the console.

The midnight release was the best time to get a PS4 without a pre-order, but the consoles are still available according to several store trackers.

Sony has released the PS4 almost everywhere and the console is already showing as out of stock on BestBuy online stores, Walmart and GameStop. And to find out the availability of the PS4 in your local store you don’t need to go through the crowds of hardcore gamers waiting outside the stores. There are a few easy ways to do so.

An application named BuyViaApp is now available which is connected to stores like Best Buy, GameStop or Frys and can check for the availability of the console in these stores. Although the application is not cent percent accurate, still is a better way that standing in never ending queues and still leaving empty handed.

According to the reports, BestBuy says the PS4 was not available for shipping or in-store pickup. Walmart previously had a tracker that would tell you if the PS4 was in stock in area stores, but that has now been removed.

Another tracker is the Wii alerts which was originally started as a website that tracked down hard to find Nintendo Wii, but now it can be used for all sorts of consumer electronics, including the PS4. The website scans through various stores that have the device in stock and shows it to the user.

The PS4 is priced at $399.99 for the base model and the price increases according to the bundle you decide to purchase.