PS4 could outsell Xbox One in UK


When the PlayStation 4 was launched in the United Kingdom, it was reported by retailer GAME that preorders for the PS4 were approximately four times greater than it had been at the time of PS3.

There were fans sleeping outside stores to be among the first people in the nation to get their hands on the new console.

It has been predicted by Amazon, which holds the second biggest games retailer spot in UK, that the PlayStation 4 will be the fastest selling console in the Amazon UK history, overtaking the Xbox One.

Even Tesco reported that queues had started to form outside stores almost 12 hours before the launch and demand for the PS4 was the greatest ever seen online.

The PS4 was launched a week after the launch of the Xbox One which Microsoft had claimed that more than one million units of the consoler were sold in 24 hours.

Microsoft even said that it was trying to meet this unprecedented demand by refilling the stocks as soon as possible. Undoubtedly, both the consoles have stirred up the UK market and have created a lot of hype, but the high street retailers in the United Kingdom have their bets on the Xbox One in the run up to Christmas.

All the retailers are stocking both the consoles but most of them are expecting the Xbox One to have greater sale in terms of the experience it creates.

A research conducted by Synthesio has revealed that the Sony PS4 is 40 percent more discussed on social platforms that the Xbox One and the comments about the PS4 are three times more positive than its competitor.