PS4 console and PS4 controller are excellent but the launch games are weak – Review

As Sony’s next- generation console is out in market and critics seem to have the same opinion that the PS4’s procedural capabilities are sound, but if Sony wants to re-make the huge success of the former PS and PS2 then there are a plenty of hurdles left ahead.

The PlayStation 4 has an outstanding controller, affably powerful hardware, the new features are very well executed and an edgy interface that shows tardy acknowledgement of some of Sony’s most user-unfriendly earlier designs. But when it comes to games, the PS4’s launch lineup is exclusive but is not wowing critics.

One of the highly talked about titles, Killzone: Shadow Fall has featured outstandingly in pre-release endorsements and the game has been praised but now the reviewers are finding a lot of problems, though the game has been praised for its visual leap forward.

Knack, a game meant for the whole family has met with rather harsher disparagement. The game is about a protagonist, Knack who collects knick-knacks along his journey that allow him to grow into an ever large hodge-podge monster. The reviewers are finding it less entertaining throughout its 10 hour duration.


Contrast is a game set in dark, 1930’s era European city where Dawn, an acrobat, stumbles through the city in order to put together puzzles related to space. And the catch is that the Dawn changes to a shadow in order to get past certain barriers and confront other shadow characters.

The reviewers are saying that the game doesn’t deliver on the promise of its concept and feels incomplete and ends abruptly.

The upcoming fights of the Sony’s PS4 with Microsoft’s Xbox One will be decided by whether it can follow through with top notch titles.

The PS4’s launch lineup is rampant with other high profile installments in the Assassin’s Creed, Battlefield, Call of Duty series but those same titles barring some graphical differences, are already present or soon will be present on the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3 and PCs.