PS4 “Blue Light of Death” – PS4 review, bugs, erros, and fix


Gamers of the latest PlayStation 4 have reported that when the gaming device is switched on a light strip on the console should “pulse” blue before turning white, signaling the console has turned on and connected to the television, according to Kotaku. But for some users, the light stays blue and the newly acquired next-gen system doesn’t power on.

Moreover gamers have gone on to report that problems have been emanating even after updating the console’s firmware and missing USB cables.

Regarding this Sony Corp. commented that it was fully aware of faulty PS4s, and, specifically, with 0.4 percent of the consoles being faulty.

A PS4 support went to the extent of offering a forum that discusses the problems and provides instructions about potential causes and solutions.

According to the thread, the blinking blue light issue may be due to television compatibility, a PS4 power supply issue, a PS4 hard drive issue or another PS4 hardware issue.

As far as the TV compatibility dilemma is concerned, updating the television’s firmware may solve the problem. The power supply issue can be potentially resolved by turning off the system, holding the power button down for seven seconds, unplugging the AC cord from the outlet and checking the AC In connector, or checking the power cord or electrical outlet for any damage. Securing a screw that keeps the HD and the console attached could solve the headache.

Despite the support that has been put forth by Sony, many users have said that the recommended steps do not solve the blue light issue. The company has yet to officially comment on this specific PS4 problem.