Pre Order on Sony Playstation 4 (PS4) and Xbox One at Walmart – Release date and price

Good news for those who missed out the first chance to book PS4 or Xbox One, Walmart is giving the customers a second chance for placing pre-orders.

Walmart claims that it has a new stock available and that it is ready for the second round of pre-orders. PS4 is expected to retail for $399 while Xbox one is set to sell at $499.

Both PS4 and Xbox have become quite popular with the gamers. The chances of getting a launch day console from Sony and Microsoft went to almost zero when stock allocations for pre-orders ran out at various retailers.

In order to book the stock at Walmart, all you need to do is, go to your local Walmart on August 24 and talk to an associate in Electronics Department.

A 10 percent down payment is then required to secure your console. The down payment for PS4 is $40 while that fro Xbox is $50. The machine can be collected on the launch day then.

Walmart will hold it for you till December 13, in case you are not able to collect the machine on the launch day. The customers can pay for console in full once it becomes available or they can make payments over time.

Walmart has not stated about the exact number of new consoles that are available to pre-order. So to be at the safe side one must get to Walmart before 24th. The launch date for PS4 in North America has been confirmed as November 15, 2013.