PlayStation Now: Sony introduces cloud service which allow users to stream games to PS4, PS3, and PS Vita


It has been announced by Sony that it plans to launch a cloud-based gaming service that will allow users to finally stream their PlayStation games on their television, smartphones or tablets and even on their PlayStation consoles.

The details were unveiled by Andy House, CEO and president of Sony Computer Entertainment at the CES in Las Vegas this Tuesday.

Gaikai is behind the development of this new technology. Gaikai is a cloud gaming startup that was acquired by Sony for $380m in 2012.

This new service will allow gamers to stream full games to their PS4, PS3 and the PlayStation Vita over the internet and even on non-PlayStation devices including the 2014 Bravia TV model. The range of the devices would be increased in the near future.

Users will have the option to choose between either renting specific titles or pay a subscription that will enable them to choose from a wider range of titles.

Users will be able to log onto their Sony Entertainment Network account from any compatible device and access the games easily and instantly as they will be hosted on the cloud.

It was stated by Sony that it might take a little longer to implement the service in the European region due to a large number of connection providers and varying internet speeds from country to country.

This service will definitely give an advantage to Sony over other competitors as Sony has brought many of its key assets to a single place and device.

However, there remains a risk that the PlayStation Now could jeopardize Sony’s core games console business. It is reported that since the launch of the PS4, around 4.2 million units have been sold.