PlayStation Network, Valve Steam storefront servers, Nintendo eShop down due to huge traffic

The coming of Christmas by default means giving and receiving gifts. Nothing can be a better gift for gamers than opening freshly-wrapped new consoles, handheld devices and other gifts related to gaming.

So it is expected that most of the online retailers will be expected with a heavy amount of traffic and a large number of orders.

The services highly affected by heavy traffic include Sony’s PlayStation Network, Nintendo’s eShop and even the Valve Steam service.

Due to all this traffic, the PlayStation Network had to face a number of outages that lasted throughout the day and a lot of users resorted to the forums to post regarding these issues and lessen their frustration.

According to the PlayStation support page, all the PlayStation network servers are now online, though there are still many users who have reported that they are still facing issues.

Meanwhile, the PlayStation network was not the only one facing issues. Even the Nintendo Network starting experience trouble starting early morning on Christmas, which left users unable to log onto the eShop or setup any new Nintendo Network accounts.

Nintendo had urged its users to be patient as the company was working hard on fixing the issues. Most of the issues have been resolved by now.

Apart from PlayStation and Nintendo networks, even the Steam services experienced extremely high volume. This high volume can be attributed to Valve’s decision to distribute free Left 4 Dead 2 distribution on the day of Christmas.