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Pikmin 3 is all about exploring the world at micro-level and gradually making your way towards those distant objects that you spied some time ago.

If Nintendo’s Zelda was about adventures Miyamoto imagined having during his shenanigans as a child, Pikmin is closer to the adventures he would have actually had, dealing with creepy-crawlies and getting as much done as possible before the sunset.

Not much has been changed in the setup of the game except now three heroes would be leading your Pikmin army, instead of ol’ Olimar alone.

The world you explore is new to your protagonists but very familiar to you and you go on exploring the world, overcoming all obstacles and collecting Pikmin.

Another addition to the gameplay is that now you can split your Pikmin army and send them to multiple areas of the map at the same time.

The puzzles and battles in Pikmin 3 are not really tough but require you to send the right Pikmin at the right place or to the enemy at the right time.

This manages to keep things exciting by demanding exploration and the requirement to constantly revisit old areas. You can easily figure out the areas you cannot yet access by looking at the level design and then you can find possible pathways to get access to those areas. This is the entire concept of Nintendo’s pull of the horizon gameplay.

By the time you reach the end of the game you will feel like a conqueror who has mastered the obstacles of life.