Pentagon F-35 Cancellation


The pentagon budget review reveals that the company is tired of its costly F-35 fighter jets and is cancelling the $391.2 billion program that was started to build Lockheed Martin corp. F-35 fighter jets. The program already involves ten foreign countries.

In a briefing held on July 31, Pentagon officials laid out a number of ways in which Pentagon would deal with $500 billion in automatic budget cuts required over the next ten years. Defense secretary Chuck Hagel, however, didn’t disclose the option of scrapping the fighter to the reporters during the briefing. He said Pentagon may have to choose between a decade- long holiday from modernizing its technology and weapon system and a much smaller force.

The F-35 program is the most expensive weapon system ever. About 2443 aircrafts are to be built. Though the warplane is the most expensive combat aircraft in history, it lacks quality. A whole fleet of F 35 was grounded in February because of a crack on a turbine blade found on one aircraft.

The company, on the contrary, has a plenty of supporters in congress which can make the cancellation unlikely.

Pentagon officials and the Government Accountability office confirmed that F-35 is making a steady progress towards its development and flight testing. Lockheed and Pentagon have signed an agreement this week according to which the company will produce 71 more F-35 fighter jets which will reduce costs per plane by 4 per cent.

Pentagon officials are trying to control the damage caused by the alarming news of cancellation of F-35 program.