Penny Mordaunt to wear bikinis in Splash


The last season of Splash saw changing Rooms star Linda Barker and TV presenter Charlotte Jackson suffer bikini slips after diving off the platform on Tom Daley’s show in 2013.

This season the Producers warned the contestants not to wear bikinis in order to avoid last year’s mishaps.

This season no contestant has worn a bikini so far but Portsmouth North MP Ms Mordaunt said that she’ll wear bikinis when she will make her debut on the show.

She cleared it out that she won’t be wearing a skimpy outfit. Mordaunt was recently named as Britain’s Sexiest Female MP.

Mordaunt has announced that she will donate £10,000 fee for her appearance on the show to the run-down lido in her constituency.

Mordaunt has made the Producers of the show to rethink the outfits this year. She defended her decision of wearing bikinis which lately has been criticized by a lot of people by saying that she’s not wearing something over-revealing rather she’s wearing sports gear which would be helpful for her while diving.

Splash is judged by Bronze medal winning diver Tom Daley including others. The show was premiered on ITV on January 5 2013. Splash includes celebrities as the contestants who perform every week in an Olympic size diving pool in front of a panel of judges.

The result is decided every week by public through voting. Before joining politics, Mordaunt has worked as a Magician’s assistant. Mordaunt has worked as the Head of Youth for the Conservative Party under Prime Minister John Major.