Penis mightier than the finger Samsung billboard


Samsung, a South Korean multinational electronics company, which has always been in limelight for its gadgets, is once again in news but this time the reason is somewhat different.

The Company’s new advertisement for promoting its S pen which displayed prominently in Egypt, Pakistan, Kenya and France features a new take on an old saying.

In its new advertisement, Samsung apparently tried to get creative with an old idiom “the pen is mightier than the sword” but brought in one of the most awkward phrase by just lack of one space between the two words.

Whether it was the most awkward spelling mistake ever or an absolutely brilliant marketing campaign, but this Samsung billboard is getting a lot of attention.

Samsung was trying its hands on advertising the power of its S pen and for that Samsung changed the original idiom “The pen is mightier than the sword” to “The pen is mightier than the finger” and a small typing mistake in a version of its billboard ad has given it an entirely different meaning. The ad in question reads, “The penis, mightier than the finger.”

There were different reactions from people around the world saying that this might be a strategy of Samsung’s marketing department or it is possible that someone posted an edited version of the image on the internet.

According to the statement provided by Samsung, the alleged typing mistake on a Galaxy Note 10.1 billboard is fake and to prove their point, the company attached the actual photo from Cromford Road, London as well the link on the Google maps of the actual site below.