Paul the Octopus was Right: Spain Got the World Cup Title

That was an amazing game! Spanish team just can’t believe it. Team Spain just won 2010 World Cup against the undefeated Netherlands in their final match hours ago at the Soccer City Stadium, Johannesburg, South Africa. Though the stadium has been dominated by Dutch’s color, which is orange, at the end of the game, it’s the vuvuzelas of the not so many Spanish fans prevailed.

The score was 1-0 in an overtime game and the man of the night is Andres Iniesta. He delivered a right-foot, 8 yards shot at 116th minute past through Dutch goal keeper Maarten Stekeleberg and into the net. The only goal of the game yet defines everything. Aside form this historic shot, the game has been record breaking with the number of yellow cards given. To Persie (Netherlands), Puyol (Spain), Bommel (Netherlands), Ramos (Spain), and De Jong (Netherlands).

All throughout the game both teams struggled on each other’s tight defense. The success of this game also marks the success of Paul the octopus. He has able to predict all of Germany’s FIFA matches correct including the final game. This sea creature has become an international celebrity in an instant.

Viva Espanya! and to all the teams who participated FIFA, that was an awesome game!