Oracle CEO Larry Ellison: “Apple will struggle without Steve Jobs”


Larry Ellison, the Oracle CEO, billionaire and longtime friend of the late Steve Jobs, said that Apple will struggle without its co-creator and chief visionary.

In an interview to CBS, Ellison spoke about the late Steve Jobs, saying that Apple doesn’t stand a chance without him.

When quizzed by CBS interviewer Charlie Rose, Ellison said, Everyone saw Apple with Steve Jobs, raising a finger of a single hand to the sky in a meaningful gesture and everyone saw Apple without Steve Jobs pointing his finger down to hint that Apple’s future won’t be bright without its late CEO at the helm.

Ellison also recalled Jobs final days and said that there is no way anyone can replace him.

He said that he used to go for walks with Jobs and they continued to get shorter during his final moments. Ellison said that Jobs was absolutely the strongest, most willful person he has ever met.

Apple’s stock price has been in flux for a year or so as investors have been anxious for the company to release new, innovative devices as it had done in the past.

Compared to a year ago, the price of Apple’s stock is well below the highs it had been experiencing. But the impending release of a new iPhone, along with an expected lower cost model, will likely bump Apple’s stock for at least a little.

The company hasn’t released a major new product since 2010’s iPad, but even with major competition, the company still sold 31.2 million iPhones in the past quarter.