Official Flickr Account Launched for the British Royal Family

The British Royal Family once and for all showed to the whole world that they are keeping up with the modern times by being part of the world wide web. Year 2007 they launched their official Youtube account named as The Royal Channel which has gained 30 million video views and 100,000 subscribers. Last year, they joined the social networking site Twitter which amazingly has 1.8 million followers and counting. Latest among these online subscriptions was unveiled just recently is their official Flickr account. Flickr is a famous online photo sharing site which allows its users to exchange photos and share it at their own will.

The Flickr account of the British Royal Family would initially be posting 600 photos on a new Buckingham Palace page. This would include 28 sections covering senior members of the royal family including the Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh, the Prince of Wales, the Duchess of Cornwall and Princes William and Harry.

This will allow the whole world to know the most precious moments happening within the Royal Family including behind-the-scenes imagery, royal visits, and other pertinent topics. According to Associated Press, commenting will be disabled for all of the account’s pictures. Users will still be able to share and embed the photographs at will, a head-nod to the monarchy’s efforts to keep up with the latest social media circles on the Web.

This launch is in line with the celebration of the Queen’s Year which would officially open on July 27. In fact, the account includes childhood pictures of Queen Elizabeth.