Nvidia reveals work underway on Microsoft Surface RT 2 after the combined Surface RT and Surface Pro sales

In an interview to a leading website, Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang has revealed that the chipmaker is working together with Microsoft on the next-generation Surface.

Microsoft’s first Surface tablet was an absolute disaster. Despite the price cut, the company managed to pull in $853 million in revenue during the last fiscal year from combined Surface RT and Surface Pro sales.

Huang said a contributing factor to the Surface RT’s poor reception was the lack of Outlook when it was released, which he described as the killer app for Windows. But, he added that Outlook will come with the second-generation Surface. He said that Nvidia is working hard on it and hopefully the new model will a big success.

With the lack of outlook, there were also some issues which were a reason for the product’s failure. Its performance was a bit disappointing despite using Nvidia’s Tegra 3 quad-core chip. The clock speed was a relatively low 1.3GHz and while it had 2GB of RAM it was only single-channel.

A more robust RAM setup and perhaps Nvidia’s brand new Tegra 4 chip could work wonders, but may also drive the device price up.

Originally the Surface RT launched at £399 for the 32GB base model with no keyboard cover, going up to £479 with the Touch Cover or £599 for the 64GB variant. The Touch Cover was also available separately for £99 while the more solid Type Cover cost £109.

Huang didn’t reveal any further details and much of the Surface RT 2’s spec and design features remain a mystery. A follow-up model has been rumored for a while now and some sources suggest it may be a smaller device.