North West: Kanye West unveiled the first picture of Kim Kardashian baby


After all the rumors about fake Baby out, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West unveiled the first photo of their daughter “North”.

The big revelation came out when 36 years old new dad joined Kris Jenner for the season finale of her talk show “Kris”.

It was speculated that Kanye and Kim were withholding the picture of their daughter until they received a high offer from a magazine.

However, Kanye has denied such rumors and said they have not tried to put anything in any magazine. “North” was born on June 15th and since then paparazzi’ are gunning to get the first look.

Hence, Kanye announced that he will be sharing a snapshot of their daughter. The photo appears to be a casual family snapshot with “North” clutching a cozy white blanket and gesturing to the camera.

She has big almond shaped eyes, tan skin and a full head of hairs. Kris declared that the child has Kim’s eyes, Kanye’s cheeks and lips are a blend between the two.

The rapper said that after the death of his mother he was left with no reason to live, but this new family has brought joy back into his life.

He further adds that “North” has strengthened the bond between him and Kim. Even the harshest of Kim’s critics admitted that “North” indeed is damn cute and Kim has done a wonderful job.

After seeing Kim’s baby a new countdown has begun. Critics are now looking forward for Kim’s bikini pictures.