Nokia Lumia 1020 vs. Apple iPhone 5S features, specs review and comparison

One thing is certain, that the Apple iPhone 5s and the Nokia Lumia 1020 just don’t fall in the same category when tried to compare.

Both the devices have different platforms targeting a completely different set of users. But each of them is best of its kind and that is the cross section of everything that now a days every smartphone company has to offer.

Recently Apple has launched its iPhone 5s in the market. After a few days of the launch the device has managed well to set a new record for the number of devices already sold.

Though the looks of the 5S is almost similar to the iPhone 5, but it is powered by a brand new 64-bit A7 chip and runs the impressively redesigned iOS 7.

The company has worked on and improved the standard-setting touch interface and the content Apple users have access to be second to none.

While, on the other hand the Nokia Lumia 1020 is the most powerful Windows Phone smartphone and by far the best camera phone, with a 41MP camera sensor, optical image stabilization, xenon and LED, and even 4x lossless zoom in the market.

The video recording is restricted to 1080p@30fps, but as the phone is equipped with HAAC microphones and the lossless 4x zoom, the user can even film at concerts without compromising the audio or video quality.

The Lumia 1020 features an AMOLED display with a premium polycarbonate uni-body, at the same time Windows Phone 8 has an unmatched office package and Nokia’s free lifetime voice-guided navigation that also has the capability to work offline.

The conclusion is that both the iPhone 5s and the Nokia Lumia 1020 have unique strengths and weaknesses with each operating on different Operating Systems.