No new Apple iPod in 2013 means more iPhone 5S and iPad Mini 2 sales

Since tech. giant Apple is decidedly skipping out on rolling out new iPods for 2013, which automatically implies that shoppers may need to buy an iPad or an iPhone.

New iPods were the go to announcement for Apple every fall, but this year Apple announced the iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPad mini 2 and iPad Air but as of yet no new iPod touch or new iPod nano.

Apple’s iPod sales are in decline, dropping 35% from the previous quarter last year and as Apple focuses on the iPhone and iPad lines one could speculate that the iPod touch and other devices would suffer.

Many have expected a new iPod touch and new iPod nano at Apple’s perennial September iPhone event. Apple quietly rolled out a new color for the iPod touch, iPod Nano and iPod shuffle, but did not update the actual devices with new processors or features.

In May 2013 Apple announced a cheaper iPod touch that stripped the camera out and cut the price down to $229. As it stands the iPod touch, which was once a go to device for parents who were looking for a portable gaming device that could also serve as a camera, web browser and messaging machine is now several generations behind the iPhone and iPad mini 2.

The iPod touch runs on a two-year old Apple A5 processor, like the iPad mini and the iPhone 4s. Meanwhile it supports new blockbuster games like Infinity Blade 3 and other graphically intense games are designed to run best on newer Apple A7 64 bit processors like those in the Phone 5s, iPad Air and upcoming iPad mini 2 with Retina Display.