Nidal Hasan gets death penalty for the Fort Hood shooting


Nidal Hasan Malik, who killed 13 people and had wounded 32 others on November 5th 2009 at Ford Hood, was sentenced to death this Wednesday.

It was known to be the worst Jihadist mass murder at a military installation in U.S. history. Malik was dressed in Army fatigues during his death sentence which was handed down by a panel of 13 military officers in a unanimous decision after less than two hours of deliberation.

He would have been sentenced to life in prison if even a single panel member had objected. Military had called more than 90 witnesses at the trial.

Hasan was deprived of pay and other financial assistances that he used to receive while he was in custody. According to the officials Hasan will be flown to Fort Leavenworth where he will join five other inmates on military death row. A military death sentence requires final approval by the President as Commander-in Chief.

Fox news has released documents from Major Hasan in which he had explained his motives, in August 2013. Most of the documents had a major acronym “SoA” which is considered shorthand for Soldier of Allah.

Despite of the delays, the survivors of the shooting welcomed the verdict. They feel that Hasan doesn’t deserve to live and that the world will be a better place without him.

Hasan wanted to be a martyr but the lead prosecutors have assured the jurors that Hasan would never be a martyr despite his attempt to tie the attack to religion.