Niagara falls frozen due to blast of arctic wind

Photo: Aaron Haris/Reuters
Photo: Aaron Haris/Reuters

Niagara Falls hasn’t frozen completely, but yes the reports are correct as it has become an icy spectacle due to blast of arctic wind and cold that blew around and froze the mist on surfaces and landscaping.

According to a report submitted by tourism officials, Niagara Falls doesn’t freeze solid in the winter.

At the same time as per the statement made by Virginia Kuebler of East Aurora “it’s simply stunning”.

It never stopped when the Western N.Y. city hit -2 degrees earlier this week. The polar winds are not enough to actually freeze one of North America’s most famous natural landmarks.

One of the leading newspaper passed a report stating that a section of the American Falls, one of three waterfalls that make up the natural attraction, has frozen. But, the Niagara River rapids and larger Horseshoe Falls continue to flow without hindrance.

The surroundings of the Niagara Falls are all covered by a white blanket of snow and ice, which hides viewing railings and lampposts, trees, shrubs and boulders.

As last several winters were relatively mild, this scene has been absent since last few years.

An occasional formation of ice called as the “ice bridge,” which stretches across the Niagara River below the falls, linking the United States and Canada has also returned because of the polar winds.

Since 1913, tourists have not be allowed to walk on the bridge to look at the falls from below. This restriction was put on after 1912, when the bridge broke apart and three tourists died.