New Xbox One, rumors, kinect, and price

Microsoft has had a tough old time launching the Xbox One. In the decade-long staring match with Sony it was the US Company who blinked first, with an elaborate launch in an enormous tent, streamed live around the world.

Each Xbox One will contain a Kinect depth camera, designed by Microsoft. The camera used in the Xbox 360 was designed by PrimeSense, an Israeli developer.

The Kinect is all-new, boasting HD video, infrared, and has the ability to work out where your joints are, where your weight and center of gravity is, and the strength of your movements.

A gentle punch or kick will be recognized as exactly that, while the Kinect knows when you’ve applied more force, and it can do this to an astonishing degree of accuracy. The Xbox One looks a bit better than its predecessor.

A demonstration of the new Kinect Sports for Xbox One showed how the Kinect can be used to recreate yourself as a 3D game character.

The camera scans your height and general measurements, then takes a closer look to analyze more than 1,000 points of reference to create your face and hair.

The Kinect feature scans the room and allows you to remotely control the system with a swipe of your hand or a voice command.

As for gaming, the Kinect potential is vast – providing developers embrace all it has to offer and while graphics have probably reached their limit, the One’s ability to do more at once is obvious.

The Xbox One will cost £429 when it goes on sale later this year.