New Star Wars episode 7 rumors and news


One year ago, Disney announced that it had purchased Lucasfilm and was planning a new trilogy of Star Wars films, with Episode VII due for release in 2015. 

There’s been more movement on the Star Wars front. Lucasfilm announced their latest sequel, Episode VII, has a new screenwriter. Michael Arndt, who previously wrote Toy Story 3, was attached to the project.

J.J. Abrams was hired to direct the movie under the stewardship of producer Kathleen Kennedy. Making a movie like Star Wars takes a lot, from the development of the script, assembling the creative team, casting, the actual shooting of the film, editing, prolonged post-production work, and everything in between.

Michael B. Jordan and Saorise Ronan are among the confirmed actors and actresses who’ve auditioned for a role in “Star Wars: Epsiode VII.”

Episode VII is rumored to focus on a new generation of heroes and could feature appearances by Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford in older incarnations of their beloved characters from the original “Star Wars” trilogy.

Disney has posted an open casting notice calling for video submissions to cast characters dubbed Rachel and Thomas to be in an upcoming film. The notice doesn’t say it’s for “Star Wars,” however it’s widely interpreted as such.

Star Wars is one of the few franchises that have the potential to succeed based on its brand alone. Shooting is scheduled to begin spring 2014 at Pinewood Studios.

After months and months of waiting the film finally got a release date. The saga will be premiering on Dec. 18, 2015.