New Peugeot 308 launched – Features and Specs Review


Peugeot, the French car brand launched the new 308, the company’s first model in the history to retain the name of its predecessor.

Though the car shares the same name, but the new car is shorter, wider and lower than the old one.

The car is 140Kg lighter than its predecessor, which approximately makes up to the weight of two passengers.

The company was able to reduce the weight of the car using aluminum (bonnet and front wings), composites (boot floor) and neat touches like a thermoplastic tailgate.

According to recent news the company has even filed for 116 patents in the design of the new 308, many of which are relate to the wheels and suspension.

The car is available from 1.2-litre petrol to 2.0 turbo diesel versions. The Gearboxes come with an option either five or six-speed manual versions with the option of a six-speed automatic box.

Some people are very impressed with the so-called i-Cockpit 9in touchscreen LCD, which keeps the dash free of clutter by acting as the controller for pretty much everything.

Some of the most interesting feature in the car are the keyless entry and the fact the electronic handbrake disengages when you drive away.

The company has designed the car in such a way that it has superb Bump control and levels of comfort and sound absorption are among the best in class.

The interiors of the car are quitter, which makes the 308 is whisper quiet even at high speeds. The interior of the car gives a classy look, the dashboards are black in color and the cabin is understated with a micro-steering wheel.

Experts have rated the car as extremely comfortable and utterly civilized to the point where anyone could forgive its quirks.