New iPhone 5C release date, price, and features

Apple is very likely to announce its latest iPhone on September 10 and there’s a good chance that the new budget iPhone debuts alongside it.

The existence of the Apple iPhone 5C was allegedly confirmed by an Amazon listing and now, there’s another listing that shows the design of the upcoming affordable iPhone.

According to reports, the budget model would let Apple compete against low-end Android devices, by using cheaper components and a plastic case to lower the price.

In an interview to a Chinese newspaper, Apple Vice-Chairman denied that the company would bring a cheaper iPhone 5S, which clearly indicates that the company will launch a new iPhone (iPhone 5C) in order to compete with other low-priced Smartphone’s.

As per rumors, iPhone 5C is likely to have ITSKINS Zero 3 lightweight case as the design of its back. Of course, it could be a cheap publicity stunt by the case maker, who is looking to take advantage of the iPhone 5C torrent of rumors, but there’s also the chance that it did have the actual dimensions and design of the Smartphone.

Currently, it’s expected that the iPhone 5C will have very similar specifications to the existing iPhone 5, only it will be made from plastic to save on costs.

The really important point about the 5C, I think, is that it will give Apple a way to defragment its user base and consolidate more and more of its app customers. Apple is losing the battle of numbers to Android, in general, and Samsung in particular, but it still has the quality advantage.