New Google Nexus 7 review

Google recently announced its own branded 7-inch tablet: the Google Nexus 7 by Asus, complete with stellar specs and a rock-bottom price. While Apple reportedly struggles to make a mini with a Retina display, Google and Asus have unleashed the new Nexus 7 2 with a jaw-dropping 1920×1200 display.

The Nexus 7 is, without doubt, the best non-Apple tablet on the market. The speed, screen and attention to detail make it head and shoulders above the rest, and nipping at Apple in terms of design and feel. As it has done with Samsung, HTC and Motorola in the past, Google paired with Asus to design and manufacture this slender tablet.

The new tablet comes with a $30 price increase over last year’s model. Along with the high resolution 7-inch screen, the newest Nexus boasts 16 or 32GB of storage, along with Wi-Fi and, in the US a 4G LTE version.

There’s also a front 1.2 megapixel camera and, unlike the first version, a rear camera as well, with a 5 megapixel sensor with a micro USB port for charging.


The screen is the Nexus 7’s killer feature, and it’s amazing. Google and Asus have managed to do what Apple can’t and fit the HD screen into a 7-inch tablet. It’s hugely impressive, and breathtaking when displaying 1080p video, which looks bright, vibrant and flawless.

Pictures also looks stunning, and one hopes that developers will soon be releasing apps that take advantage of the extra resolution.

The processor and graphics systems also got a big boost to deal with the power needed to drive 2.3 million pixels, and there’s a 1.5 GHz Snapdragon S4 Pro at the heart of the Nexus 7.

The Nexus 7, is without doubt the best of the rest, and the most impressive Android tablet to date – as well as being a superb entertainment device.