New Apple iPhone C would be available in multiple colors

According to recent reports the iPhone C, which is the rumored budget version of the Apple iPhone, will be made of materials highly resistant to scratches. Like the rumors about the iPhone 5S, we are not sure if the iPhone C would also carry a dual LED flash for better photo quality.

There have been pictures as well as a video on the internet depicted the outer rear casing of the iPhone C and that too in different shades. The video also shows that the body is scratch resistant as the person tries to scratch the phone with a key but is unable to.

It is anticipated that unlike previous rumors, the ‘C’ in iPhone C does not stand for ‘cheaper’ but ‘color’. There have been a few reports from some websites in China that the higher-end iPhone 5S would be slightly thicker than its predecessor.

There are also reports which claim that Apple will be finally breaking its tradition of launching the iPhone in the black or white colors and would be making the new iPhone available in a color of Gold apart from the traditional black and white colors.

It is expected that the gold iPhone would do highly well in the Chinese and Indian Markets, where the color is highly popular. The color which was once considered highly ostentatious is now one of the most popular after-market color adjustments by Apple for their iPhone.

Till now, maximum reports have hinted towards a September 10 event by Apple to launch the iPhone C and the iPhone 5S.