New Apple iPhone 6 rumors, specs, features, and release date

Only a few months have passed since the release of the iPhone 5S, which introduced a new fingerprint identity sensor, powerful 64-bit chip, and an improved camera. But technology blogs are buzzing with rumors out of Apple that the iPhone 6 is on the way.

According to a leading website, Apple is also rumored to be planning a larger size iPhone 6, using a 20nm processor manufactured by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC). The Apple iPhone 6 is also rumored to have all glass body.

It is possible that Apple will upgrade their processor for the iPhone 6, but not much is known about any new technology. According to rumors an A8 chip with a quad-core is Apple’s next move.

The iPhone 6 may have a touch sensor, accelerometer, gyroscope, and other sensors for gathering input such as user input.

Apple tends to launch a new iOS with the launch of its iPhones (iOS 7 with the launch of iPhone 5s and 5c). Apple will come up with iOS 8 for IPhone 6. iOS 8 is rumored to have better Maps and a Siri API. Rumors report that the development of the iOS 8 is still in its early stages.

Apple fans have been eagerly awaiting the next version of Apple’s flagship Smartphone, despite the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S just being launched in late 2013. The iPhone 6 is likely to be announced and released in late September 2014 or October 2014, if past releases are anything to go by.