New Apple iPhone 6 release date and specs – Latest Rumors and News

The new concept iPhone 6 aka iPhone Air has been revealed and has gained a lot of attention.

This new design depicts the entirely redesigned body which is quite similar to the iPad Air which is tapered to the bottom and also flaunts of new customizable colors.

There have been rumors suggesting that a new display will be introduced with the launch of the iPhone 6. A few new buttons shall also be introduced and a backlit proximity sensor may also replace the home button.

There could also be a silent button at the top of the phone which will act as the power button of the phone.

Apple may release this model of the iPhone 6 in the third quarter of 2014. That’s because Apple doesn’t take product design lightly.

The company spends months in designing and developing the iPhone. The handset is set to support larger display with “glass curves downward at the edges.” The iPhone 6 will likely have a new design and a 4.8? to 5.7? display with 450 ppi.

But the idea of the iPhone 6 expanding is still difficult since Apple has, in the past, argued that 3.5-4-inches, is the optimum size for easy operation.

So the phone’s size can be a bit arguable again. Although even if the display does enlarge, it seems likely Apple will try to keep the phone’s overall proportions as small as possible.

Due to the most common complaints on iPhones of fast depleting battery capacity, the upcoming iPhone 6 is rumored to have a solar wireless chargingfeature.

Talking about the processor, promoting Apple’s new 64-bit chip architecture, the iPhone 6 will also feature a 64-bit chip which will be even quicker.

Top analysts also estimate that the iPhone 6 may not be available to consumers until September 2014.