New Apple iPhone 5S news, rumors, release date, specs, and features

It is likely that the upcoming iPhone 5S would be look much like its predecessor iPhone 5 only, but with enhancements in specifications and great new features for the camera and the home button.

Rumors and leaked pictures of the rumoured new A7 chip had surfaced on websites in June. It depicted a slightly narrower logic board as compared to the iPhone 5’s A6 chip, probably to make space for new components and connectors.

It is also reported that some major changes have been made to the camera of the iPhone 5S, rumours indicating a 12 megapixel primary camera and a pill shaped dual LED flash.

Both of these enhancements could be a key to the probable new feature called ‘Mogul’ which was recently discovered in the code embedded within the iOS 7. However, this feature was not able to activate on the iPhone 5 so it could mean that this would be an exclusive iPhone 5S feature.


According to an analysis by the 9to5Mac this feature would allow iPhone 5S to capture video’s at an exceptionally fast and precise rate which could mean a potential recording rate of 120 ps. With such a fast video capture rate, Mogul could also support slow-motion video which requires videos to be recorded at a faster rate so that when it is played at a standard pace it seems slow.

However, this would be not the only cool feature in the upcoming iPhone 5S. The feature that is said to steal the show would be the fingerprint sensor, which is the technology which urged Apple to acquire Florida-based AuthenTec last July.