New Apple iPhone 5S may be launched on September 10th – Rumors, release date, price, specs, and features

A report has emerged which states that Apple’s may release its next-gen iPhone, the iPhone 5S on September 10. This is contrary to a previous report which states that Apple would start selling the new iPhone on September 6th.

Rumors are that the new display in the iPhone 5S would feature double the pixels than the current generation iPhone and will also feature a quad-core processor.

It is speculated that the iPhone 5S would be reduced in size by the use of a thinner bezel, and a design similar to the iPad Mini could be adopted.

If we are to believe the leaked photos of the iPhone 5S that we can also expect a dual LED flash. It is also rumoured that the iPhone 5S will feature a battery with higher capacity than the iPhone 5.

Rumors about the cheaper iPhone model have also been making grounds lately and it is also rumoured that the large-screen iPad may also be revealed alongside the launch of the iPhone 5S.

Recently, there had been photos on a website showing white coloured boxes with ‘iPhone 5C’ written on them and the Apple logo. So it is possible that the cheaper iPhone may be called the iPhone 5C. However, it cannot be said for sure that the image was genuine or fake.

Sources claim that the cheaper iPhone would be made available in several colors by Apple. They also claim that the cheaper models would be starting from $99. We’ll have to wait for any official announcement by Apple.