New Apple iPhone 5S expected to run a A7 chip

It is being reported that it is likely that Apple will debuting the new A7 processor chip with the upcoming iPhone 5S and it is expected that the new phone would be announced on September 10th.

Clayton Morris, who is an anchor at the Fox News Channel, tweeted that the A7 processor is running about 31 percent faster that the present A6 processor which is used in iPhone 5.

It is expected that the A7 processor is operating on 64-bit code and will be having two cores. The existing A6 processor is also a dual core chip.

The use of 64-bit code could be the main differentiator for Apple, as this would open up all new different possibilities for the technology.

ARM and its licensees are currently working on 64-bit chips to be functional on a broader set of application and trying to movie the technology a level up into the web-based data centres.

According to 9to5Mac, it is still unclear if Apple would be using the 64-bit but it has been in constant testing.

Its possible use would be to make animations, transparencies and graphics run more smoothly on the iPhone 5S.

It is also likely that the upcoming fifth generation iPad will also have the same chip. It is also reported that the iPhone 5S would have a dedicated chip for motion sensing, which could also with a camera upgrade.

According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo the transition to 64-bit processors will happen soon now. The iPhone 5S is also expected to include a fingerprint sensor, with its authentication happening by pressing the home button. It was also rumoured some time ago that it would also be available in an option of gold colour.