New Apple iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 will come in gold – Rumors, news, release date, and features

Rumors are that Apple might actually strike gold with its next iPhone.

Suddenly there have been an increased number of reports indicating that the iPhone 5S will be available in an option of gold colour. Before this the iPhone was always available in just two colours – Black and White.

The first reports or rather rumours of a gold-coloured iPhone had emerged a few months ago along with few leaked shots of the alleged phone. And now according to MG Siegler, a columnist with Techcrunch and an expert on Apple, the next iPhone would be available in an option of gold hue. And not only Techcrunch but Rene Richie of the iMore, Marc Gurman of 9to5Mac and John Paczkowski of the AllThingsD claim to have heard the same report.

However, it does not mean it would be real gold or an overly gaudy hue. Some leaked images of the alleged gold iPhone have also popped up and even some mocked up images of the expected hue.

Apple has declined to comment anything about the gold iPhone rumours which is just one of the rumoured feature of the iPhone.

It is also reported that the next iPhone would have a faster processor, a better and highly impressive camera and even a fingerprint sensor.

There have also been reports claiming another cheaper plastic version of the iPhone in manufacturing, which would probably be called the iPhone 5C according to some allegedly leaked images.

It is said that this cheaper iPhone would come in a variety of colours including green, pink, blue and white. But none of this had the reaction like the rumours about a gold iPhone.

According to reports, Apple has plans to hold an event on September 10th where it would make major announcements and possibly reveal products too.