New Apple iPhone 5C release date, rumors, specs, and features: A look at the Apple iPhone 5C

As rumours suggest, Apple is all set to reveal the iPhone 5S and the cheaper version, plastic-backed iPhone 5C on September 10, but a video and pictures of the multi-coloured iPhone 5C have been recently leaked. But only the back case is visible.

Tanner Marsh, an iPhone jailbreaker, who has been highly reliable in the past at sniffing-out and making predictions about soon to come Apple components, has just posted what he is calling as ‘the first HD hands-on review of the multiple iPhone 5C rear shells’.

As it has always been, rumours and leaks vary in mileage, but the case is identical to the previous leaks from many other sources. It is almost definite now that Apple would be releasing a cheaper iPhone as this was also confirmed by China Labor Watch last month.

If this video is actual and accurate, then Apple is definitely making a statement by using all these colors that the iPhone 5C would not be about the usual iDevice that it has always been. Instead, the colours depict innovation and also somewhat like the Windows 8-style bright and light colors.

And for all those who might be opting for the cheaper model and at the same time not look cheap, there is always a white iPhone 5C available which would look fairly similar to the current iPhone 5.

And for all other buyers who are lighter at heart as well as their wallet, the iPhone 5C will prove to be a very colourful style statement and a smart buy too.