New Apple iPad 5 latest rumors, news, specs, and features

Since the release of the 1st generation iPad, apple has continually dominated the tablet industry.

The introduction of more economic android based tablets created much of hype and gave some competition to the iPad but couldn’t replace it. Partly because of IOS and its closed source nature and also the design which evolved over the years.

With the iPad 5 eagerly expected along with the IOS 7, Apple’s reputation of delivering high quality products is expected to rise to a new level.

Performance with the iPad has always been a delight and with the abrupt release of the fourth generation apple, which just replaced the older A5X chip, Apple now needs to think more.


With the android tablets now being powered up with quad-core processors, boasting of reasonably good GPU’s, Apple might have to think more than just packing more juice in their devices and this is where IOS 7 integration with iPad 5 will play a key role.

Though the iPad has always stood out of all tablets available in the market, iPad 5 raises the expectations even more. We have seen the iPad go into places no tablet has gone before but the question to ask now is – will this iPad be able to go to the places no tablet has gone before?

Rumors have already started that apple is gearing up for its new generation of game controllers and experience and this might be a serious contender to play the role.

The benchmarks of the 4th generation iPad suggest some decent numbers and as the legacy continues, these numbers might just double with the release of an A7X chip making this generation of iPad a perfect companion for some decent computing tasks and better experience in already existing apps like iMovie, GarageBand, and better gameplay for casual gamers and game development options for developers.