Neil Armstrong is dead again on the internet


It has been a year that Neil Armstrong is dead but the tweets on the twitter have created a hoax and lots of confusion in the minds of millions of the people. And it has gone viral.

Neil Armstrong has been dead before a year but condolence messages on the twitter are coming as if he had died yesterday but it’s been a year that he is dead.

The blunder had started as the news channel ABC posted a tweet on the twitter which is “Neil Armstrong, First Man on the Moon, is dead”. This tweet is deleted now.

Actually the news agency wanted to honor the Neil Armstrong for his first death anniversary posted the old article and everything turned out as a hoax, makes everything recent.

People posted some of the tweets on the internet. Person named Sean Rasmussen posted on twitter is that “Most people fear dying once, yet #NeilArmstrong has now died a second time on the social media. It must be true because it is on twitter”. This was the exact tweet which he had written.

It is not the first time that this kind of incident has happened. There are other celebrities also that have become the victim of the rumors which is related to death.

American comedian, Bill Cosby said that he is alive and healthy after the rumors related to his death were posted.

Also in 2011, a hacker posted on the politics news feed that Barack Obama is dead and also it had killed Kanye West in 2009. They should think twice before sharing such wrong information with the viewers.