Motorola Moto G to come to Verizon’s network – Release Date, Price, Features, and Specs Review

It is confirmed now that starting from 9th January 2014, the Moto G will be available for Verizon Wireless prepaid customers and is priced at $99.99.

The budget phone by Motorola will first be made available for online orders and eventually in the coming weeks would be available in the retail stores.

As the previous year reached its end, a picture of the Moto G featured in Verizon’s prepaid retail packaging had emerged and it was also confirmed by Best Buy that as soon as the device is released, it would be selling it immediately.

Moreover, all the Best Buy Stores are reportedly allowed to put the Moto G on sale as soon as the shipments arrive, so these stores could be a better option if you are really eager to get hold of this smartphone.

As it has been said a lot of times before, the Moto G may be a cheap phone (with Verizon selling it at the lowest price), it is pretty capable in accomplishing all the core mobile tasks without any difficulties.

Unfortunately, with America having the largest LTE network, the Moto G lacks support for LTE but still considering the price and specifications, it is still a fantastic device.

In another event, it has been announced by Boost Mobile that it will also be selling the Moto G but there will be a slightly longer wait and a slightly higher price.

It will be released on 14th January at a price of $129.99. However, if you are highly impatient and cannot wait till then, apparently Boost Mobile’s version of the Moto G will make an appearance at the Home Shopping Network today.