Most Hated Countries in the World

Most Hated Countries in the WorldThere are countries on the world map that are being hated by different positive reasons including being most influential, powerful, commanding and other such elements while negative things like violence, brutality, terrorism, hypocritical role and government inference to other nation’s affairs.Here is the list of 10 Top Most Hated Countries.


United States of America topped the list of being most hated by people, there is several reason of their hate one might be that America is strongest ally of most hatred nation Israel which massacred million of people in Palestine till now on the name of war.


The ongoing war of Israel against Palestine arresting civilians and violating human rights openly and killing Palestinians without compassion, even they didn’t kind of women and children in war zone which is quite enough to hate the nation.

North Korea

North Korea stands among the hated countries because of its conflicts with other states in the world especially neighboring countries while North Korea often threaten the whole world against nuclear war.


The list of countries to hate Russia is too long but European countries becomes first especially the members of Soviet Union because according to them Russian destroyed their society, culture and religion.


Germany is the Hitler’s nation and this is more than enough to hate to state, the criminal violence of General Hitler who left no stone unturned to demolish the other country and his hands were full of bloodshed of millions of people including most of civilians.


Japan is best known for its technological advancement and progress in the world and considered as one of leading nation in the path of high-tech products. The country has also named as one of most beautiful country in the world but on same node that nation is among world’s hated nation.


The American State Mexico is located between United State and North America, known for drug trade, violent crimes, illegal immigrations and human trafficking. These above are also the reasons of people hatred towards Mexico while government made operations against these drug dealer.

United Kingdom

United Kingdom has been hated for several reasons and foremost is its violent past that led to slavery system in the world while the Kingdom often involved in vicious activities to dominate other countries.


India is also considered as one of hated country in the world and the prime reason is that it believes on discrimination like people are configured on basis of race, color, ethnicity, religion and gender.

One of most major reason that has prominent against the country is increasing rates of violent crimes such as rape and sexual assault which left bad impression to the other tourists. India has also not well in bilateral relations with other countries especially neighboring states like china and Pakistan which also put a negative notion to the people.


China is one of largest country by population and top ranked nation for highest execution rates per year, best known for its low cost exports in almost every country of the world from United State to Japan and Asia to Norway.