Most Expensive Wines in the World

Most Expensive Wines in the WorldThe most expensive wine served on the table of your dining room can express a thousand words. It can evoke the luxurious as well as the high class life style. Wine is considered as a central thing is our life. If you are a rich person, drinking the most expensive wine ever while at the party or dinner is a must since it can show your pride and status. The most expensive bottle of wine that you can find in the market is defined based on the quality, taste, age and also bottle. In this post I will give you the full list of the 10 most expensive wines and bottle of champagne. Here is the list.

Chateau Lafite 1787

A bottle of Chateau Lafite 1787 is sold in the rate of $160,000. The price was considered as the final bidding of the people in Christie’s Auction located in London in 1985. This oldest wine is bought for the wine collection for Forbes. On the bottle, you will see the initial of Thomas Jefferson.

Chateau Mouton Rothschild 1945

Chateau Mouton Rothschild 1945 grabs the second most expensive wine. The value of this wine is $ 114,614. It was auctioned in Christie’s Auction in London on 1997. This wine can gain such rate for it has hypnotized the people with its vintage look.

Chateau d Yquem 1784

The third most expensive wine is Chateau d Yquem 1784. Just like in the first position of the list, the buyers may view the Thomas Jefferson’s initial on its bottle. It was sold in the value of $56,588. The wine was auctioned in Christie’s London in1986.

Massandra Sherry

Massandra Sherry is the fourth most expensive wine that you can count on its taste. This wine was auctioned in 2001. The price can come in the rate of $43,500. It has been a favorite drink for the Czarist Russia.

Romanee Conti DRC 1990

The fifth place of the most expensive wine is taken by Romanee Conti DRC 1990. This wine has been sold in Sotheby’s Auction in London in 1996. The bidder had purchased a set of this wine in the rate of $224,900. It means that the buyers have to pay $28,112 for every bottle.

Le Montrachet DRC 1978

Le Montrachet DRC 1978 is priced in high value. This product was sold in the auction house of Sotheby’s located in New York. The buyers had to pay $23,929 for seven bottles of this wine.

Romanée-Conti DRC 1990

Romanée-Conti DRC 1990 picks the seventh position of the most expensive wine sold in the price tag of $5,800. This wine was purchased in an auction house located on New York called as Zachy’s.

Screaming Eagle 1994

The eighth place of the most expensive wine is fetched by the Screaming Eagle 1994. This wine was purchased in Christie’s in Los Angeles in 2000. This price can catch the rate of $3,833 for each bottle.

Chateau Mouton Rothschild 1982

The ninth position of the most expensive wine is stolen by Chateau Mouton Rothschild 1982. The purchasing process of this product took place in both Zachy‘s and Christie’s auction in 1997 on New York. The price that the bidders have to spend in the final deal was $700 for each bottle of the wine.

Screaming Eagle Cab 1992

Screaming Eagle Cab 1992 gains the tenth place of the most expensive wine with its price of $300. This wine is sold for the charitable purpose. The sweet and delicious wine can only be purchased by the rich people.